eucaLimus 36 months shelf life!

eucaLimus 36 months shelf life!
eucatech AG is proud to anounce to have the first and only approved 36 months shelf life DES in the cardiovascular market.


Cardio Alex 2015

Innov particpated in cardio Alex 2015 presenting its latest news and offering knowledge about latest cardiology solutions.


Euro PCR 2015


eucatech AG is attending euro PCR in Paris.
Taking place May 19th – 22nd 2015.
eucatech and Innova  looks forward to welcoming you at booth P-16, Hall Paris. 


Innova new office in Belgium


Innova Medical Service is growing again! We are delighted to announce that Innova has expanded to open a new office in Belgium. The new office is located in Rue du Bois,Moustier 120 C 5190 Jemeppe-sur-Sambre

At Innova , we believe that successfully providing full service  for our client’s need requires more than just knowledge. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our mission to deliver outstanding products and services , has earned our company the excellent reputation it enjoys today.

To find out more about Innova, please visit our website

It will be our pleasure to serve you at our new location with the same quality products and service you have come to expect of us and this is our promise to deliver the best products and service in Egypt and around the World. We are committed to improving our level of service and support for customers in this and other regions.



530 EucaTax stent deployed in 2014


The key to success is good leadership,hard work and innova we meet each opportunity with preparation to achieve our goals.

We are glad to announce that 530 eucatax stent have been successfully deployed from january 2014 up till june 2014 by different cardiology experts and in different types of lesions with proven safety and efficacy.

This news  reflects a commitment to improve existing operations through effective teamwork and using technology to innovate.

We strive for excellence and perfection and this news is just the beginning .



Innova decides to donate 48 DES each year


Drawing strength from our resources and experience, we would like to share with you some of the worthy causes.
Innova company decided to donate 4 free DES monthly for patients without financial resources
and waiting requests from our Egyptian intervention experts to determine the cases in need .
Hoping to give back something to Egypt.
For all intervention experts who have a case in need don’t hesitate to contact our office to arrange the process.
We will give away the stents according to the date of requests.
We thank all the physicians participating for giving us the chance to help our society.



eucaLIMUS Sirolimus Eluting Stent System


Innova presents eucatech  Sirolimus Drug Eluting Stent System eucaLIMUS.
     A Cobalt Chromium Stent with a fully biodegradable PLGA Polymer.Sirolimus Stent
     The biodegradable PLGA Polymer with excellent structural integrity guarantees a 100%
     drug release.
     Safety and Efficacy, easy deliverability and perfect stent flexibility are the main characteristics of 
     our new Stent System. 
     We do offer a large size portfolio from 2.25mm in diameter up to 4.00mm and lengths from 8mm up
     to 48mm.